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The kids are ready to pay attention to the problem of stray animals
Thursday, 2nd of december, in DK of October Revolution («Cobra», Lenina str., 24) at 1.00pm the district competition [...]
Night is looking for home!
Dear Friends! Finally, we have good news about Night! All the stitches were deleted and the doctor says what we was waiting for: [...]
Today is our holiday! Today is The International Day of domestic animals!!! From all our hearts and souls we would like [...]
The family was rescued!
One more story about the rescued dog and the puppies. It was realiaed by our active members of the organization even before the cold weather [...]
The trip number eight! Winter edition
So, again we did lots of simple but important things to prepare shelter dogs to the over-coming winter! This time the shelter [...]
Warming mission in the new place!
Dear Friends! Tomorrow, saturday, the 20th of november,out eighth (!!!) trip will take place within the program GIVE A HOUSE TO A DOG! [...]
The Great Seven
Yesterday we visited the shelter in the 7th time due to our program Give a house to a dog! It was the last nice but cold [...]
The weather at home: warm and dry!
Saturday, the 11th of September was the first day of the program Give a shelter to a dog! 32 participants were supporting [...]
Give a house to a dog — 2!
Hurrah! On the 25th of September, Saturday, we built 4 new luxury kennels for dogs in the shelter in Akademgorodok! [...]
The letter to N.N. Boltenko
On the 1st of October, Friday, the letter with legal explanation of animal defender´s position was sent to Chairman [...]