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Power with us
Good news! Another photo session was held in frame of our charitable project «Say „Cheeeeese“ and help to animals!». [...]
Our fluffy of happiness tries to find family!!!
Do you remember story about our Morozko??? This little kitten was threw out in rubbish. Was −30 Celsius degrees on the street. Young [...]
Example to follow!!!
This news was told us by our colleague Evgenia Pipipenko. «Dear leader of group «Animal liberty!» Representatives [...]
The man and the Spaniel
The man and the Spaniel Attention! We’ve just got a titled roomer. English Cocker Spaniel. We’ve given him a name of Daniel! [...]
How a Siberian Cinderella became an Italian princess
The story we’re going to tell you is wonderful and unbelievable. Take a comfortable pose and read. It started [...]
We not value what we have… or how NOT to lose a dog and what to do if it happened
We lost a dog!!! What to do?! The phone calls with these question we are getting more than 10 times a day! And this [...]
Teach the main commands!
Every owner, who respect himself and his dog, sooner or later starts to think about the education of the dog. Knowing different commands and [...]
Anti-help… How NOT to make shelter´s life more difficult, if you want to help
We talk a lot about how to help shelters: put announcements to news papers, write about it on our web site, talk about [...]
Еще о стерилизации
Что такое стерилизация и для чего она необходима? Стерилизация — несложная и широко распространенная операция, проведение которой [...]
Обычно люди, переезжая в новый дом, забирают с собой только нужные и дорогие душе или кошельку вещи. А ненужные вещи оставляют или  выбрасывают. Точно [...]