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¡Enseñe las órdenes principales!
Cada dueño, quiénes respetan a él y su perro, tarde o temprano comienza a pensar [...]
Hablamos mucho de como ayudar a refugios: anuncios puestos al periodico, escriba sobre ello en nuestra pagina web, [...]
Photo session was held in frame of our charitable project «Say „Cheeeeese“ and help to animals!» Our [...]
Animals defenders in Novosibirsk applied to the chairman of the Duma
Meeting of leader of 3 the biggest animals defenders organizations were held last week. Attendees: chairperson of the city public [...]
About our trip to the City Shelter
Last Saturday we visited City Shelter. We thank Ksusha for organization the trip. She asked men for help, because we needed manpower. Men [...]
Injured poodle finds new owners!
Dear friends! July 18 on the 25 years of October Street Natalia saw terrible picture: very dirty and funky poodle run and hit about [...]
Jan looks for home urgently!
This is Jan, hi is half-breed shepherd and pit bull. He is very beautiful, adequate and clever dog! He always was domestic [...]
СSonia is seriously ill. She is little, quiet dog. We don’t know why she was sitting on the leash for 10 years. Her owners [...]
Beautiful cat was found!
Some days ago this beautiful cat was hit by car. Young man brought cat in veterinary clinic «Sirius» and even paid the initial [...]
Who's this bunny?
Introducing something unusual! Look at this beautiful dog! Look at this touching and funny creature! This little looks for owners. [...]