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Serge, lap dog looking male with a backbone trauma, we are asking for help!
Serge was lying in the box with a sign: «Watch out, there is a dog in here» in the garbage area. His grey head [...]
Knocked down male Mishka. We need help
A dog was lying on the Voennay street, got cold, people called and asked for help. They could deliver it to the clinic [...]
Spring girl Marta! One more victim of hastening people….
One cold evening Marta got hit by the car, it lay on the ground and did not hope for miracle. In pain and shocked it could not [...]
Bars got well and is waiting for its owner!
Bars got well after the poisoning and now is in the temporary outside stay in Nizhnya Eltsovka. The girl, who it lives now with, say [...]
A dog with a bullet wound! The dog died
Yes. Son passed away today around six o´clock afternoon. X-ray showed lots of ijuries all over its body: stomack, lungs, throat, eyes. [...]
Serzhik is getting better, and he needs owner!!!
Thanks to doctors and our support Serzh has started to walk! He does it very funny — covers very fast part of the [...]
Dog with a torn off paw. We need your help!
This morning a dog with a torn off paw was found on the territory of the technical boarding school 128 in Pervomayskiy district. [...]
The case about the dog murder
Today we made a note about the dog murder case to a police department number 6 on the name of the chief police A.M. [...]
The miracles happen!
So. The situation with Felicia is the following. Oleg Anatolievich had proceed osteosintez surgery. But!!!!…. he does not want us [...]
The big grief of the small cat! WE NEED HELP!
Five days ago the ordinary woman drove over the ordinary cat. She didnt pay any attention to this fact and left, went home to her ordinary life, [...]