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The dog is lost! Urgent!
On a new year´s eve, 31st of december, on Kropotkina street, next to «Holiday» super market the dog has lost, [...]
A dog found! Searching for the owners!
4 th of january, in Dzerzhinskiy district, a male dog was found. A dog has an average size, mature, with a grey hair. [...]
Motya has found!!! Hurahhh!
A little dog Motya, who run off the house at new year´s eve has found! And how it is usually happened, by chance! Two kind [...]
It is enough work for everyone!!
We went to shovel the snow! It is not an easy job to do…. to break the ice in the open-air cages, [...]
A dog is found! Searching for the owners!
A dog had been found in Stanislavskiy area, young male mix of a sheppard dog, about 18 months old. A dog has a collar. [...]
Searching for owners for Boss!
So, Boss got well after the trauma, and we activelly are searching for the owners for this wonderful dog! He is very good in the new [...]
One more fleecing action in Russia! Please sign against!
This time in St.- Peterburg. The cultural capital of our country. The governor of the city Valentina Matvienko, prime-governor Ludmila [...]
Rex with a terrible exhaustion! We need help!
Several days ago a dog terribly exhausted turned up in a City shelter. It is not a stray dog, no. [...]
A young pretty girl needs help!
Three days ago nice cute dog was found. A young girl of the average size creem color came to the bank of Moscow at Geodezicheskaya [...]
The young generation is with us!
We are asking different organizations for help often. To tell the truth, we are getting the refusals or promises. But there are some [...]