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Give a house to a dog — 4
Tomorrow, 16 of october we, «Animal Liberty», and a team of our friends will go again to a City dog [...]
Give a house to a dog!
Dear friends! We would like to remind you that tomorrow, 11th of September in the dog shelter in Akademgorodok GIVE A HOME [...]
Tonight the animal shelter in Akademgorodok burned down. Burned down completely! Many animals had died. It is difficult to say the [...]
The life is going on!
The shelter in Akademgorodok burned down at night from 23 to 24th of december. The fire sterted at 9.10 pm. Because [...]
GIVE A HOUSE TO A DOG-3. Central city shelter
Our project Give a house to a dog is continued! This time «Animal Liberty» and team of our friends visited a city [...]
Sincere gratitude!
Dear Friends! From the day that the shelter in Akademgorodok burned down 4 days past! These days have taught us lots of things, [...]
Alive despite everything!
Last Friday, just in the first day after a shelter has burned down, we were called by two girls and have told about a dog with [...]
Drathaar found! We are looking for the owners!
We are searching for a previous or a new owner for a male Drathaar! Couple of weeks ago in Zaeltsovskiy district [...]
Dear pet lovers! Animal defenders, the dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, horses, humsters, lizards, snakes and all those wonderful, amazing creatures owners. The [...]
Everyone, to shovel the snow!!!
The winter is very cold and very snowy — the shelters are in snow up till the roofs. We need to help! And the holidays [...]