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Magic transformation of Lolita!
Yesterday the forth dog was magically transformed within the program With a new haircut to a new home. Lolita — habitant [...]
The happiness exists!
Yes! The happiness exists! How do we know that? To know those people, communicate and do one good thing together with them — [...]
The decision about the amendments is due to 20 of October
Tomorrow, on October, 20th, on Wednesday, at 14.00, in a small hall of the Mayoralty of Novosibirsk session [...]
Our friends!
Our friends, clinic INTERVET, that located in Lazurnaya street 27/1, put the poster of public association Animal Liberty with an information [...]
The dicisions about the amendments are prosponded
Consideration of the project of the decision of Council of deputies of a city Novosibirsk «About modification [...]
The dog needs help after a car accident!
Today next to Primorskaya bus stop on ObGES we found the dog that was hitten by the car. It is a very youg girl, she [...]
URGENT! The dog was found!
On the 8th of december Lenina str. region was found a dog, boy, sheep-dog mix. It was wearing a brown collar. [...]
Where are you, the owner?
You do remember Masha. The dog, that the front right leg had to be amputated. Masha is finally got well after the surgery and started [...]
Krosha is getting well! We are searching for the owners
Last saturday the surgery to Krosha was made in the Central Pet Clinic. The total cost of the surgery is 10.155 rubles. The basin [...]
Our pretty dog found a home!
Do you remember Lelya? Our lovely kind Lelya — the forth participant of our program «With a new haircut to a new [...]