Animals defenders in Novosibirsk applied to the chairman of the Duma

About our trip to the City Shelter

Meeting of leader of 3 the biggest animals defenders organizations were held last week. Attendees: chairperson of the city public organization «Protection of Animals» and the head of the city shelter Elena Starkova, president of «The right of animals to life» and the head of the animal shelter in Akademgorodok Galina Klebche and chairperson of «Animal liberty» Sofia Osochenko.

In addition to issues related to the organization of the volunteer movement, at the meeting was decided to draw up an official letter from each organizations to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Novosibirsk — Kozlov A.A. with the requirement to resume work on the draft law «About the responsibility to animals.»

The bill was passed in the first reading.The second reading was scheduled but not held. On the other hand, we try to start the process, or influence it. If other animals defenders organizations will follow our example, wrote a letter to the State Duma deputies we can expect further advance Unfortunately, the political process in our country isn’t dynamic and swift.

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