Injured poodle finds new owners!

About our trip to the City Shelter

Dear friends! July 18 on the 25 years of October Street Natalia saw terrible picture: very dirty and funky poodle run and hit about everything.

In the final god fell in bilge. We took out him. His stomach was lacerated and he had big hematoma on his head. We bring him in Central Veterinary Clinic CVC, where he was treated…

Now the god lives with Natalia. . She cares about him and bandaging every day. He will live, but he needs care! She can hold him for two weeks only. Please help to find temporary home or new owner for this sweet dog.

May be previous owners will found. May be dog lost and hit by a car.

He likes to walk, and always faithfully watches. Help him!

Call 8 913 009 10 19 Xenia or write to Natalia!

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