Who's this bunny?
Jan looks for home urgently!

СSonia is seriously ill. She is little, quiet dog. We don’t know why she was sitting on the leash for 10 years. Her owners didn’t care her and she was ill. When neighbors suggested treat the dog, owners said «If you want, you can do it by oneself» Marina — very decided girl and she did it..

Doctors in Vetaclinic saw Sonia. Dog’s health is very weak. Dog has mammary tumors and uterine tumors, exhaustion and bad analysis of blood. The dog would not survive after operation. We don’t want put down Sonia, she is fully conscious, she eats, drinks, walks and loves people. We’ll start with droppers and «Venkristin» for treatment of tumors. After that we will think about operation

Nearest days Sonia will spend in clinic. After that Marina will do droppers to Sonia. Sonia — very charming dog! Take pictures was very hard, because Sonia licked hands all time. How her owners could live and didn’t want to help her? Thanks to Marina — she made right decision.

We need for help for Sonia’s treatment. We think that we need for 15000 rubles. We always can help to Sonia and other animals:

1. Transfer money to our BIN-Bank account. Name of our organization: Novosibirsk City Society Animal Liberty (Новосибирское городское общественное движение «Права животных»)

Tax reference number (ИНН) 5402523779

KPP code (КПП) 540201001

Operating account (р/с) 40703810920000000013

Bank identification code (БИК) 045005813

Correspondent account (к/с) 30101810500000000813

Branch of BIN-Bank in Novosibirsk.

Chairperson — Osochenko S.E.


2. Transfer money from your card to our Sberbank Card:

Number of our card 67619600 0155043475.

3. Transfer money to Alpha-bank card.

Account number 40817810908010026778,

Bank identification code (БИК) 044525593,

Correspondent account (к/с) 30101810200000000593,

Recipient — Aleshina Margarita Nikolaevna.

4. Transmit to pet shop «33 dogs» Nemirovicha-Danchenko 142, «For Sonia».

5. Transmit to Krasniy Prospekt 98/1, travel agency «Brathers Govor», «For Sonia».

6. Meet in person. 8952-925-0309 or 287-26-32.

7. Transmit to Vetaclinic, Serebrianikovskaya, 4/3, on Sonia account.

8. Transmit to Yandex money 41001516662995.

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