Our fluffy of happiness tries to find family!!!

Example to follow!!!
Who's this bunny?

Do you remember story about our Morozko??? This little kitten was threw out in rubbish. Was −30 Celsius degrees on the street. Young man couldn’t go throw. Raphael saved the kitten. Thanks him for this good deal!!!

Now Morozko lives with Anna. She gives love and concern to kitten. Now Morozko knows cat’s toilet. It’s very big, responsible and hard work!

Friends, colleges and just not indifferent people! See on this miracle! Morozko looks for good home and good family; it can gives love, endearment, and energy every day.

Little girl, it is 1,5 month, knows toilet, healthy. Morozko is active, loves play and sleep in hand. In kind and responsible hand only.

89139104001 Anna 8 913 009 10 19 Xenia.

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