We not value what we have… or how NOT to lose a dog and what to do if it happened

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We lost a dog!!! What to do?!

The phone calls with these question we are getting more than 10 times a day! And this is a very scary number! Why dogs got lost (to be exact, why people are losing dogs), what to do in this situation, and whats more important, what to do so this would NOT happened — you will find in this article!

So, the reasons and situations:

  1. you had a walk with a dog, a dog played with another dogs and run away. This situation can be various — the car past and scar the dog, came over to have a walk in a new place and a dog could not orientate, a dog has an active sexual fase, was followed by male or followed a female.
  2. you let a dog to go for a walk alone. It always comes back and now didnt.
  3. you go shopping and live a dog outside. You came back and it not there.
  4. you gave a dog to your friend/temporary stay while the vacation. You come back and he lost a dog.
  5. the wave of phone calls we are getting in new year´s eve, on the 9th of May and Day of the City. Why? Because not clever owners go for a walk with dogs during the fire works and dogs got scared and run away.

There are lots of possibilities to lose a dog. Sometimes it is a very strange story: jump out of the door and disappeared, the bigger boys took it from your kid. Once, a dog jump in the bus and left nobody knows where.

What to do?!

  1. as soon as ossible print announcements with descriptions of the dog, its photos and your contact details and put it next to the place where the dog got lost, next to your house, next to the rute of walking. Everywhere where you have been with a dog.
  2. put announcements with information about a dog on web sites www.ngs.ru, потеряшка, сландо, авито and others. It is necessery to put a good photos, so the shape, size, color and face of the dog will be veiwing well.
  3. put an announcement to a running line on TV, channel 49, STS (218-28-88)
  4. send a photo of your dog to us with detailed descriptions (age, special features of a dog, a place where you lost it, did it wear the collar, stamp, chip, how it reacts on people) and your contact phone number on our address info [at] animalliberty [dot] ru
  5. tell that you lost your dog to all your friends.
  6. try to put announcements to a public transport in your district, as during the day lots of people would read it and it is enough time for it. т
  7. call TSPDZH, maybe your dog got to a catching services. Give a detail information to a receptionist, and leave your contact details in case if they would found your dog.
  8. constantly renew your announcements in all sources! Keep looking for it — you would always have a result!

What to do NOT to lose a dog?

  1. NEVER let a dog to go for a walk alone. Even a very clever and expirienced dog could become a victim of cruel people, could get to a catching services, or got hit by a car.
  2. a dog HAS TO have a collar with a badge with all the contact information of the owner!! Every time we got a phone call from people who lost a dog we hear the same monolougue of desperation and anger to themselves: «our dog NEVER run away, ALWAYS was calm, during the walks never left alone!». And what? Dogs got lost ONLY because the owners are losing them!!! It is you, who lots a dog, hoping for somwthing! So be vigilant, that cost nothing to you. Put a collar with a badge on your dog. So even if your dog is always following you, know, that it is always the possibility that your dog would be scared by another dog or a car or any loud sound. And due to its instinct of self defence the dog will run away, and you would never catch it.
  3. put a stamp on your puppy. It is necessery to do while a dog is still small, as for adult dogs it is quite painful operation. By the stamp on the ear or on the belly is easy to identify the owners. We found several times dogs stamped dogs. Some of them it saves the life. But on some of them it was impossible to read the stamp, so even for these cases the collar with a badge is necessery!
  4. chip your dog! It is painless and very modern procedure. It is not popular in Russia still and not in Novosibirsk. But in many countries it used a lot and the more we will use it the faster we will solve the problem of lost dogs. And, nevertheless the dog should have a collar with a badge on. As it is sure that people who would find a dog will go to check whether it has a chip or not. To put a chip on your dog you can in clinic Best (Frunze, 57/1), Animals (Trikotazhnaya, 52/1) and in the City service for medical help to animals (Dachnaya, 62).
  5. if you have a female dog, do not have a walk with it while its intimate period in places where there are many dogs, as male dogs could start to follow it. You should know, that in a society of pet lovers, to walk with a female dog while its intimate period in social places is a bad manner and a sign that you are irresponsible owner. And if you have not breed dog sterilise it — it is a positive procedure not only prevention against losing a dog.
  6. DO NOT WALK WITH A DOG WHILE FIRE WORKS. Here we have season losts, 3 waves of high number of lost dogs: new year eve, 9th of may and Day of the city. After these holidays we have dozens of phone calls about lost dog who got scared by loud sounds. Do NOT walk with a dog these nights. If you think that a dog is very interesting to watch the fire work with you and it delight it, you are mistaken!
  7. while a dog is still small teach it to the main commands: come here! Stay! Dont! Explain a dog that it can NOT take any food from any stranger.
  8. very easy going dog — is good! BUT! A dog needs to understand that it has only one owner, one home and one family (flight in a dog language)! NOBODY, can walk with it, feed it and give it orders. This will keep your dog from people who could take it. And breeded dogs are vey popular aim for thiefs and dealers on a black market.
  9. DO NOT NEVER LEAVE your dog alone on a street. Even if you came in the shop for 2 minutes! And it is not only about a dog can get scared, panic, run away. But there are people around! Kids who out of curiosity would undo the the lead, thiefs who would take it for resale on a black market, or compassionate people who might think that a dog has been lost. There are cases we will not tell about but it could be awful…
  10. do not let your child to walk with a dog! A child would not manage to hold a big dog if it would run, jump it will pull him after. A child is not an authority for a dog, and his orders a dog would not listen. And nothing is easier to take a little dog from a child. We had several cases like this in our practise.
  11. if you are having a walk with a dog in a new place, do NOT let it off the lead until it will get used to the new place. It could take several days, weeks, months. And if it get lost in a new place you will have to look for it in this district and all over the city as maybe a dog will try to find its way home by itself.

And please remember that a dog lives by its instincts. Do not put on a dog your own believes and hopes and seeing the situation. Be wiser than your dog! Because its you who is responsible for a dog and not on all the way around!

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