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We not value what we have… or how NOT to lose a dog and what to do if it happened

Every owner, who respect himself and his dog, sooner or later starts to think about the education of the dog. Knowing different commands and following the main rules will make your owner-pet life much easier and more harmonic. So we decided to give the owners some advices about how to teach a dog some main necessery commands.

To start education is better from the early age, 6-8 months. The younger a dog the shorter lessons should be. You can start from 3-5 minutes. Its better to keep your lessons in a dinamic way. Do not push a dog but do not play with it. You both should be concentrated and serious.

Encouragement could be different. Some dogs like encouragement with food and some — not. First depens on foo, and you cah give them a piece of cheese or dog cookie, for them it is very important. Another dogs would prefer very warm praise from the owner. In any case do not give a dog too much food during the training, alternate your encouragements. But encourage both types of dogs emotionally!

To Teach a name

Command PLACE

Command COME HERE!

The name of a dog should be short and sonorous. Dogs take easy the names that shart from sonorous sounds and from well pronounced syllables, for example, ba-, ga-, da-, ra-. You should call a dog in very friendly and cheer intonations. Do not use negative intonations even if you want to punish a dog.

Talk to a puppy so it will get used to its name. Start a short phrases with its name and strike a dog — thay love it. Call for food using its name.

PLACE. Its one the first command that your dog should learn. Chose a place where a dog would be. Remember that it would ve VERY hard for a puppy to be far from you. So at first you should chose a place where you can constantly see it.

While saying PLACE, put a dog on its laying. Try to put it without pressure, stroking it. If it would try to jump out, put it back very confident and correct and say PLACE. It could not be successful from the first time. Repeat the training 5-6 times a day. As soon as a puppy would lay by itself on its place for some time, praise it!

Remember, a dog is a flight animal. There is a leader in a flight. If you would not become a leader a dog would take this role — this is a nature law. And in this case, however a puppy would try to come and lay with you on your bed, do not let it!

When you would be sure that a puppy learn its name and a command PLACE, continue with calling — COME HERE!

This command is very important in dog´s life and in your life as well. It is a connecting link between a dog and you, and a pledge of that a dog is safe while its with you.

In ideal case, while walking or at home, a puppy should immediately come to you after your command.

A command should sound invocatory and vigorously: «Tobik! Come here!». The command should mean something pleasant for a dog: communication with an owner, food, cookie, game.

In the morning, when a puppy would wake up and the time of food will come, hold its plate with food and start to talk with its name. When a puppy would react, call COME HERE! And while saying put a plate next to a dog´s place. When a puppy start walking say it again COME HERE in kind way and give food. Further on, while each feeding, say COME HERE! Start feeding only when a dog will come closer to you following a command.

Repeat these training as much times as possible and not only for feeding. Call your dog often, try to include it in your house duties. If a puppy would not come closer or does it like it doesnt want, say it again but this time very confident. And if this would not help, get further from a puppy and say iy again COME HERE and insist on immediately reaction. When it will do it, praise a dog. Remember, you should train a puppy until a puppy would follow your command fast and with enthusiasm. This training you should repeat several times a day, until a puppy would understand it.

If you train an adult dog, and it has problems with this command, use a lead. At first, it is enough a short lead, 1,5 meter length, it should be not tensed. Say the command. If a dog does not react, correct its behaviour by pulling a lead. If a dog does not come closer, do not praise it, you should encourage it ONLY when it follows a command. During the next weeks, make a lead longer up to 6 meters, and work on this command at home as well as during walks.

If you feel that a dog gets tired of it, stop the training and start a game or go for a walk, distract it, so it will forget about the training at all. Sometimes, repeat a command suddenly, to stimulate a dog and concentrate its attention.

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