Our young helpers are having the guests over!

Что не убило ее, сделало сильной или история о Рэнальде

Yesterday our remarkable acquaintance with pupils of the 6th grade A of the school 65 that is in Zatulinka has taken place. We are happy to announce that the initiative of this meeting and «Lesson of kindness» had been given by the shool and by the social teacher Galina Pavlovna. And we agreed without additional discussions.

As usual, our 4 paws friends from the dog shelter took part in this meeting — Iriska and a puppy, that kids decided to name Mukhtar. The puppy, now Mukhtar, reacted on the high kids attention with quite grumble and comfortable puffing; it got to the knees to the girls and slept the whole lesson, enjoying the love and stroking from both sides.

Iriska made a round and gave everyone a chance to stroke it. The guys don´d need to be asked twice — Iriska got the week portion of attention and communication, and was very happy.

We told the kids about the problem with the population of the stray animals in Novosibirsk, and they paid lots of attention and understood the problem, listen and asked lots of good and mature questions. We are very glad, as it shows that the kids are very interested in this problem and are willing to help. We also told, how to read dog signals: which you can make contact with and with which better not, how the dog asks for help, telling that everything is ok. Especially, the kids was interested in how each of them can help to stray dogs or how they can help to the shelters. We discussed this also. We are hoping to see them amongst our volunteers and helpers!

We would like to say that the kids got ready to meet us: they bought dog food, oat-flakes and stewed meat, brought warm clothes and donated 500 rubles. And also they read us some poems. The lesson was very dinamic, interesting and the time has flown by — we didnt have enough time to share all the information. BUT! The kids and Galina Pavlovna ensured us that such lessons would be regular and we hope it would be like this and are very happy to meet the kids again!

And also we would like to thank a kids club «Plamya», that gave us a nice room to organise this lesson. Vey nice and pleasant people are working here, who gave shelter to several dogs. We was very glad of the fact that the traditions of the «nature corner» are not forgotten, and this is obvious as kids want and know how to communicate with animals.

Thanks to everybody, who took part in this small but very useful lesson!

Photos are here!

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