It is time to help!

The lesson of kindness

Today in DK «October revolution» the lesson of the college 22 «Problem with stray animals is a problem with a human face» took place. It was very dinamic and informative lesson. The main goal is to find and apply the effective and human way to solve the problem with population fo stray animals.

It is necessary to point out that some of the kids actively help to find homes for cats and dogs, sterilise the dogs in their yards, bring the information, help to the shelters. Lisa Oleshko the young artist from the 6th grade, makes wonderful works, about the animals and their world, they are very popular amongst those who likes and understand art.

The lesson had a goal: «It is time to help!» in a form of briefing: the kids was devided in groups so they can discuss and find new REAL and practical ways, together with the specialists who work on this problem already several years. One of the main conditions was — the possibility of realization of this project in mean time. We need to say, that the discussion was very interesting and productive. The guys expressed their wish to go to the city dog shelter and to help to fight with mountains of snow (this is one of the most urgent needs there!). Also they are ready to use the social nets in internet to share the information about animals and the possibilities to help them.

We are very thankful to college 22 and its teachers for the opportunity to talk to kids and to organize this meeting.We will hope that while they are growing they will keep this desire to help the weak ones in this World.

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