The lesson of kindness

The kids are ready to pay attention to the problem of stray animals
It is time to help!

Saturday, 4th of december at 12.00pm in the youth center «Plamya» (Petukhova str., 118) the lesson of kindness, which is organized be school 65 and Social Organization «Animal Liberty» will take place. In this lesson two dogs of the shelter in Krasnoobsk will take part Shnyrya and Alisa.

It is not the first lesson of this kind, that is organized be the SO «Animal Liberty». From the previous experience, we know that kids pay lots of interest to the problem of stray animals, trying to help as much as they can, ask lots of interesting questions. To talk to them — it is a real pleasure not only for us but for the dogs as well — they love kids!

The pupils collected some things for the shelter animals: food, warm clothes, toys, accessories. We would like to thank Galina Pavlovna, the social teacher of this school 65, to express the initiative and to invite us to organize the lesson. We hope, that other schools and colleges would invite us to organize such kind of lessons and we would accept it with pleasure!

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