The kids are ready to pay attention to the problem of stray animals

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The lesson of kindness

Thursday, 2nd of december, in DK of October Revolution («Cobra», Lenina str., 24) at 1.00pm the district competition «The best class teacher of the year» will take place. During this competition the college № 22 «The hope of Siberia» will organize one hour conversation «Problem of animals is a problem with a human face».

This conversation will be in the form of briefing, the kids together with invited specialists, will work out their ways to solve the problem. During the school year some of the actions would be practically realized by the teachers and the pupils.

The aims of this conversation: to present this problem to the teachers and pupils from another schools and to try to solve it together; to expand perception of a problem and to find new decisions; to make use of experience of experts for search of decisions.

«Our aim is to attract the attention of the public to this problem. We are all responsible for everything what is happening, we need to except this and to start working. The kids want to help and help a lot. But we all would like to see the result, so we need to work harder. The kids are very inventive in their ways — so we need to use it and to increase. This work make them to develope their the best qualities — compassion, responsibility, readiness to help the weak. We will be glad if another schools also will join us so we can solve the problem together», — said Vershinina Natalya Leonidovna, history teacher and social psycologist of college № 22.

The specialists invited: Sofia Osochenko, chairman of SO «Animal Liberty», Lizaveta Kaltigina, a member of animal defending organization «For the sake of life», Alexey Kolobov, the leader of Kinologic center SPAS-001, Galina Klebche, the leader of the dog shelter in Akademgorodok.

We remind, that now in the hall of DK there is an exhibition of works of young artist Lisa Oleshko, the pupil of the 6th grade of college № 22. Lis and her mother are the members of animal defenders movement fro long time.

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