Night is looking for home!

The family was rescued!
The kids are ready to pay attention to the problem of stray animals

Dear Friends! Finally, we have good news about Night! All the stitches were deleted and the doctor says what we was waiting for: «He is well now!». We all are very glad — the most difficult is in the past. And now we are looking for good caring owners for a dog, who would understand its not easy life.

Night is very young, he is only 11 months old, but already he had lots of bad expirience: a serious trauma, brutal people attitude, long treatment (2 very difficult surgery), heavy restoration. And fought all these and was very brave. Before, when its just started, he could not communicate with people and with another dogs. Now he is very happy to play with dogs and is interested in people but still is very careful them. So Night needs a very wise owner who would understand him. The one, who would be able to be patient and understandin, who is ready to read a book about the dog´s psychology. Night will be the best friend to this person… although, do exist a dog who cant be a friend?… Now its people´s turn!

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