The family was rescued!
The kids are ready to pay attention to the problem of stray animals

Today is our holiday! Today is The International Day of domestic animals!!! From all our hearts and souls we would like to congratulate all those, who love animals, look after them or so far only dream about a pet: a cat, a dog, a bird, a horse or a fish.

We wish to all owners of domestic animals to be in harmony and mutual understanding with pets. Look after them, talk to them, teach them, share your world with them, and they will its world with you. And be the best owner for your pet, wise and fair.

And let´s learn from the pets! Sincerity, honesty and cleanliness of perception — thats what we can learn from them, you just need to want it and be able to see in each animal a piece of Gods plan, a piece of nature. Be with them, let them teach you to see such simple and such valuable things.

If a love to animals live in you, it means love live in you…

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