The family was rescued!

Warming mission in the new place!

One more story about the rescued dog and the puppies. It was realiaed by our active members of the organization even before the cold weather comes.But after the rescue operation they need a HOME! Look at these puppies — maybe one of them belongs to you?! Or maybe to one of your friends?!

Not long time ago we got information that a dog who lived on the school yard on Plekhanovskiy street brought puppies. The puppies started to come out of the hole that they was born in and which their mother made for the whole family. The puppies could suffer from kids attention (as sometimes children´s curiosity could cause a tragedy), inadequate people (and there are many such people in our city…), and finally the school administration woull call the catching services sooner or later…

It was decided to keep the mother and kids for a temporary living and then to find a home for all of them (the mother was sterilised). We did not manage without the adventures.

First, we was expelled by the supply manager, who was very angry with the fact that our car was on the territory of the school, though we didn´t disturb any one and were practically invisible. But we had to leave as the woman went to call the police… Took the car away, we started…

Three puppies came out and allowed us to carry them. Wonderful fur balls. The mother also was nice so we made a conclusion that she was domestic ones. The eyes expressing wisdom and good temper — without any problem she was transported to it´s temporary home. The puppies and their mother were transported to their temporary home stay, one kennel was made specially for them. The mother lives in the kennel. One puppy girl found her home several days ago.Now she is Zarina and has an older sister, mittel schnauzer. The story didn´t keep its name. Two marvelous fury boys and its mother (sterilised already), wait for the best owners ever and a home, that would be comfortable and warm. Look at them, maybe one of them belongs to you?

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