The trip number eight! Winter edition

Warming mission in the new place!

So, again we did lots of simple but important things to prepare shelter dogs to the over-coming winter! This time the shelter in Krasnoobsk. Wonderful place, good company and friendly dogs! All was donr very quick and the work went well!

There was not lots of work and all f it was very simple.To upholster boxes with roofing material, to nail curtains on inputs that snow didn't sweep up, to spread out in boxes warm things, to lay carpets and paths in the house, to replace a gate indoors, yes so, on a trifle to put things in order — interseasonal cleaning. And in all of us lodgers of a shelter helped. About them is more detailed! All dogs of the Krasnoobsky shelter — are impossible charming creatures! Such sociable, such sincere, such hospitable! And very amicable — one big flight with their rules.

Shnyrya is the most hospitable dog ever! She wants only kissing and hugging! It is impossible to be indifferent to her charm. Volnushka is a dog with unusual colour, very tender dog, very delicate and needs a loving person as an owner. And this one, Tima who can «smile» is a star! So kind, so wonderful! It is so good with him!

The photos are here.

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