Warming mission in the new place!

The Great Seven
The trip number eight! Winter edition

Dear Friends! Tomorrow, saturday, the 20th of november,out eighth (!!!) trip will take place within the program GIVE A HOUSE TO A DOG! This time we are going to the dog shelter in Krasnoobsk (VASKHNIIL). We will warm the kennels for the winter. We would like to invite to join us all those who wants to spend some great and useful time to make physical and mental state of the dogs better. Come and join us! And don´t think that somebody else would do it instead of you.

There are tools and materials in the shelter. You would need warm clothes! We will provide tea party and memorization of your names on the glory boards of all animal defenders organizations! If you don´t know, how to get there, please call 8952-925-03-09.

The weather forecast is quite comfortable: −5 with a bit of snow. It is a wonderful place, there is a stable next by so you can communicate not only with cats and dogs! Fresh air and good company — what a wonderful weekend! We wait for you!

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