The Great Seven

Give a house to a dog — 2!
Warming mission in the new place!

Yesterday we visited the shelter in the 7th time due to our program Give a house to a dog! It was the last nice but cold day. It was quite and very productive visit. Even that the biggest part of our members got sick, we made minimal program.

The guys finished works in warming the walls — we have to wait till the real cold weather would come and to check did we do it good. Also we warm the room for the puppies that is located right behind the shelter building. Now 2 small but very brave dogs live there. We would like to socialize them. So if you would plan a visit to a shelter with no particular plan, you can communicate with those little ones: just to be with them, so they would get used to a good people.

Also we made an experiment with draining system in the yard — the team of participants was leaded by the girl Dasha and helped us a lot. The wheelbarrow full of rubble was possible to move only by Maxim. Guys, thank you very much!

Traditional tea break open air with marrow caviar and homemade jam, dogrose tea. And what is more important good and friendly company, people who help and think the same way. Its good that you exist!

And the final of the day brought great news — one of the puppies who helped a lot and was supporting our members was brought by our participants! It would live in the flat now and the guys was happy with their choice. Girl, who will grow into a middle heights dog was very shy. We wish them happiness. By the way, the guys found our article about the puppy in the newspaper «Navigator, left coast».

Here are the photos.

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