The weather at home: warm and dry!

Give a house to a dog — 2!
Warming mission in the new place!

Saturday, the 11th of September was the first day of the program Give a shelter to a dog! 32 participants were supporting this program! The meeting point was next to the dog shelter in Akademgorodok, to make warm and comfortable houses for the dogs. As a result — spacious and cozy houses for 10 dogs!

We would like specially to point out the participation of 18 pupils of the school number 109 Novosibirsk. They volunteered to build the kennels and their 4 teachers decided to join them. All these because of one of our members — Elena Bondarenko, who is the teacher of the elementary grades of this school! Actually it was more volunteers but not all of them matched in the bus. So some of them had to stay in the city and this cause sadness and tears… Dear Guys, we have so many interesting programs left that you can participate in and express your skills! So please do not worry, you will have your chance!

The teacher of the labor skills Sergey Nikolaevich of 109 school came along with his pupils, and they made such a harmonic and skillful team! Most of the guys decided to take the dogs out for a walk, the dogs were excited! They don’t run and play for such long time every day. And what is more important is the communication with kids, dogs love it!

The rest of participants are residents of our city who would like to help us. Some of them are defenders of animal rights and some are just kind and helpful people. Thank you so much! Everybody chose the groups and started to work. Men surprised everyone with their engineer skills. The girls took drills and hummers — warmed up and even the bad weather was not a problem.

The kennels that came out are nicely made and very comfortable: double walls, between them is heater material URSA, slate roofs, legs so when it is wet weather the bottom would not be dump. Each kennel is for 2 average or big dogs, so 10 dogs have winter residence for 2-3 years now. Each participant that made dogs happy with their new kennels got a Thank-you later from us!

We would like to thank everybody who came over and helped us and also who donate some money, building materials and tools for this program, and also the girls who provide us with warm and delicious snacks.

Some people donated «on-line» — from Matveevka some people brought wooden pallets — a perfect building material for the kennels. The pupils are very active and helped a lot with transportation.

Fresh air, good company, good willing and communication with the dogs made a good day which we would like to repeat. The second part of this program will take place on the 25th of September. The plan would be the same. Take some free time, ask your friends to join you and we can guarantee you good fun time.

Here are some photos from that day.

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