Give a house to a dog — 2!

The letter to N.N. Boltenko
The weather at home: warm and dry!

Hurrah! On the 25th of September, Saturday, we built 4 new luxury kennels for dogs in the shelter in Akademgorodok! It was 2 part of the action GIVE THE HOUSE TO A DOG! The weather was wonderful and helped a lot to the process of building, friendly conversations and picnic after.

This time we already knew what and how and very quickly decided what to begin with. The girls started to hummer the nails. For some of them it was the first nail in a life time! Hurrah, comrades! The men was also actively working with hacksaws, hammers, drill and electro saws.

In the program of the day picnic and walking with the animals are obligatory. So we decided to make this action during the whole year, so now every 2 weeks we will go to the different shelters of the city and to make some construction and repair works.

With all the offers of sponsor ships, help, support you can contact us on 287-26-32 or 8952-925-03-09. We need your help — building materials, transportation, money, tools and etc. that what we need for work. Prove yourself — help us! This is good, this is right thing to do!

Here are the photos.

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