Magic transformation of Lolita!

The happiness exists!
The letter to N.N. Boltenko

Yesterday the forth dog was magically transformed within the program With a new haircut to a new home. Lolita — habitant of Akademgorodok dog shelter in the past. She came there in very sad conditions: lots of very dirty fur, the dog could not see cause of this.

Through all this unbrushed «beauty» you could hardly see a dog. Only on the table of professional groomer we saw the real face and body of Lelya (we decided that the name also should be transformed into something lighter with changing the image). There is grace, thin bones and ideal body! There are olive color shrill eyes that we could not see behind the dirty bang. There are long legs, waist and a tale like a feather.

Lelya is is a very tender and easy going dog: ears, hands, face and glasses of the groomer were licked and loved by Lelya. She was so gorgeous in pink towel and was enjoying all the nice compliments. And she was so pretty. Masters of salon Mon cherry who helped us a lot with transformation of our dogs, said that Lelya behaved so good that even domestic dogs do not behave so nicely while hair cut process. She was calm, without problem gave to arrange the hair in all intimate places of dogs body, never complained. And it was obvious that she is enjoying the process.

As a result we understood that it was a domestic dog before as the state of its bones, muscles and the skin was in very good conditions and were treated well. How did she became stray — we don’t know. Maybe it was lost or maybe betrayed. Now she is 1 year old — young, active, small dog.

We are looking for a good owners for Lelya. They should be proud of her, love her and look after her. All the photos are here. And the article about Lelya was published in newspaper Vecherniy Novosibirsk.

Inna is a curator of Lelya. Her phone number is 227-92-11

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