The happiness exists!

Our friends!
Magic transformation of Lolita!

Yes! The happiness exists! How do we know that? To know those people, communicate and do one good thing together with them — is happiness! Today we went again to the dog shelter. We was building and repairing.

Due to the tradition we started early morning. Me and girls started with the kennel of sheep-dog Rex. It is a dog of the security of the shelter, who are our neighbors. Unfortunately, they are not really good owners as thei dog lives in an old kennel, with lots of halls.

Our guys, our brave knitters of hummers, started to warm the wall of the building that freeze in the winter till the ice bloc from inside. They was so good in this! Drills, hummers — what a marvelous site! The construction is following: skeleton, polyfoam sheet 5см, from above sheet of the zinced metal and assembly foam in seams — look great. Will it work? The winter will show us.

Meanwhile, the new people was joining us. They went to the shelter to make a curtains for the kennels. Adelya — our young animal defender was in all places in the same time. Helped to nail, went for a walk with dogs, played with puppies and was not scared to clean up in one of the open air cage! Well done!

Traditional tea break, picnic in the sun. This time we made a surprise for all the participants — cups with logo of the program and sign I gave a house for a dog!

Pavel and Anya joined us late but took part in the construction and got their portion of happiness. Especially Pavel, the work with Alexey and Eduard was good for him. We hope that next time they would be more motivated to come and help.

We thank all of participant of our program. The constant team, you make me believe in good in human beings! That what you do — is wonderful as you do it by your own will and desire. And that why its very easy and nice next to you. New participants, those who was with us the first time, you are well done! Join us again!

Here are the photos.

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