The decision about the amendments is due to 20 of October

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Tomorrow, on October, 20th, on Wednesday, at 14.00, in a small hall of the Mayoralty of Novosibirsk session of deputies of the city commission on housing and communal services on which the decision «About modification of Position about an order of the maintenance of dogs and cats in the city of Novosibirsk, accepted by the decision of city council of Novosibirsk from 6/30/2006 № 303» will be passed will take place. As to us have informed in a reception of the chairman of the commission Kudina I.V., by this moment the answer from Office of Public Prosecutor of a city concerning competency of amendments should come. We invite to mass media session!

Let's remind that the maintenance of amendments has caused indignation of the city habitatnts, and by us has been collected an order of four thousand signatures of not indifferent people. Moreover, visitors of our site from other cities, and even the countries, have signed our reference with the request not to admit unpunished cruelty. The signatures were left also by known people of our city, scientific, businessmen. However all it hasn't made any impact on Department of housing and communal services which became the initiator of amendments, and hasn't affected the decision of working group of deputies. And it is an indicator of how much deputies are ready to listen to the voters and people of the city, whose interests they have subscribed to defend… We Will hope that at tomorrow's session the reasonable and humane decision will be accepted.

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