Our friends!

The dicisions about the amendments are prosponded
The decision about the amendments is due to 20 of October

Our friends, clinic INTERVET, that located in Lazurnaya street 27/1, put the poster of public association Animal Liberty with an information about the effectively of sterilization. We would like to thank all the doctors of this clinic and the main doctor for the support of our initiative to inform the people about the usefulness of the sterilization. This shows the willing to look after the animal and to solve the problem of stray animals in Novosibirsk.

The help that we receive from several clinics of our city is impossible to value: treatment of the animals, financial support, consulting and information — all these change the situation for the good, make people to be responsible towards their pets and animals in general.

We hope to have a good relationships with many animal clinics and pet shops.

Thank you!

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