The dog needs help after a car accident!

Where are you, the owner?
The dicisions about the amendments are prosponded

Today next to Primorskaya bus stop on ObGES we found the dog that was hitten by the car. It is a very youg girl, she is not even 1 year old. Her basin bones are broken. All the inner organs are fine, so the dog needs a difficult surgery after which it will come back to normal life. We ask for help all the members of the organization and just our guests to help us to pay its surgery!

The surgery is tomorrow in the Central Vet Clinic ( Frunze str. 17, the building of NIITO). We was told the cost, it is around 10000 rubles. Tomorrow after the surgery we would know the exact sum. The money could be delivered to the clinic for the dog from OD «Animal Liberty» or could be transfered with Yandex Money program on the account 41001516662995, or could be delivered in the personal meeting (8952-925-03-09), also it could be delivered to the pet shop «33 dogs» in Shopping Mall Gorskiy" (1 floor). It is NOT necessarily to do it tomorrow but the mean time . Please, dont forget to tell us how much you donate and where! We, and the most important, the dog needs your help!

We gave the name Krosha to her.

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