Where are you, the owner?

Our pretty dog found a home!
URGENT! The dog was found!

You do remember Masha. The dog, that the front right leg had to be amputated. Masha is finally got well after the surgery and started to have a normal dog life. And now we are activelly searching for a new family for Masha, that can love and look care. When we say «care», we mean the same when we say about any other dog. But here we need to leave a remark:

You DO NOT need to take some special care about the invalid dog. It is important to understand that animals do not have the same attitude to themselves as people have. People feel sorry for themselves or for somebody else if it is about some physical trauma. But dogs just keep living. They do not feel sorry for themselves, they do not have any complexes and they just live further on. It is not easy to understand but it is the reality! They live and enjoy the communication with the owner, with other dogs, enjoy walks, food, nice sleep, warm home in a quite corner.THEY ENJOY! And people who take these dogs enjoy the communication with them, new openings for themselves — it is possible! And they learn, learn to be free from complex and models! So it is very simple and interesting thing!

We are searching for the owners for Masha! We are searching and we would find them! She got through lots of difficultes and pain. She lives on the street, but always was close to people. Not nobody had enough love, brave and compassion to take her home. So she lives like this for 3 years until the day the accident came — the train cut her right front leg. The girl Lena called us and asked for help, but she already knew and felt what she should do. We just helped her. And Lena did all the rest: hospital, surgery, tamporary stay and rehabilitation period.

Probably, you helped us to pay the surgery cost in CPC. It is very kind of you! Help us again! Help Masha to find its owners, tell all your friends about it — it would be a big step in her life. She needs home, love and caring owners. Maybe, Masha would find loving owners for her abroad and would share her life and love with them in another country.

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