Krosha is getting well! We are searching for the owners

Our pretty dog found a home!
URGENT! The dog was found!

Last saturday the surgery to Krosha was made in the Central Pet Clinic. The total cost of the surgery is 10.155 rubles. The basin is strongly shattered, bones are broken into small slices — operation lasted 4 hours, «have collected», how much it was possible. A little especially difficult days after surgery Krosha has spent in a hospital at our remarkable friends and partners, clinic «Sirius». THANKS! Without you all would be very much and very difficult for us and for a dog.

Now Krosha temporary lives with Olga in Berdsk. She is getting better but does not stay on its legs, the rehabilitation period would be long. But Krosha is a very young dog, she is less then 1 year old, and it could be much faster then we think.

With help of our friends and all kind people we collected 6.300 rubles! It is a great result! But we still owe the clinic another 3.855 rubles. It is not a lot, and if we would try we could solve it. You can send the money on our bank account or through Yandex. Dengi. Also you can call us and give the money in personal meeting. (8952-925-03-09) or you can deliver the money straight to the Clinic on Frunze street, 17 (the entrance from the barrier) for Krosha from SO «Animal Liberty».

Krosha is a very open and easy going dog. It is very small, its weight is only 9 kilos, thats why she has a name Krosha (small). We are also searching for the owners, kind and good people. We would like to point out that Krosha would be having a normal active life, she just needs some time to recover, and she would forget about this accident and would make you happy all her long and happy life!

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