Our pretty dog found a home!

Give a house to a dog!
Krosha is getting well! We are searching for the owners

Do you remember Lelya? Our lovely kind Lelya — the forth participant of our program «With a new haircut to a new home». So after all hard times, after her owners refused from her by just saying that they «dont want her any more», Lelya found a home! The stories about its wonderful transformation filled forums and web sites and this happy news came!

Now Lelya lives with a wondeful girl Rita and her boyfriend. She suprised them with her smart eyes. Its kind temper also is amazing: Lelya is absolutely domestic, good educated and intelligent dog. To be with the owner, to sleep next to his feet, enjoy the tranquility of the house — all these is in her blood. But as soon as Lelya goes for a walk, the pioneer started to act in her: she is very brave and open with another dogs and with people. Lelya is very good behaives with the collar, always notices if the owner is next to her — it is a good habbit for a dog.

We would like to congratulate Rita with her new, true, funny, honest friend! We would like to wish them love and long life together! We hope that this story would help people to see in the dogs from the shelters not only simple not breeding dogs but personalities, with its habbits and way of thinking. And you should know that each dog is an amazing creature, if you would pay attention and would understand its simple and honest soul.

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