Give a house to a dog — 4

Give a house to a dog!
Krosha is getting well! We are searching for the owners

Tomorrow, 16 of october we, «Animal Liberty», and a team of our friends will go again to a City dog shelter. Company «Т&М» donated us again the full truck of building materials, and we are very thankful to them. Now we have the materials to build the kennels and open-air cages! The program would take place from 10.00 to 18.00!

We will meet up in the shelter! Those who dont know the way please call 287-26-32 — we will explain the way or will find those who will help with the transportation.

Materials and tools that we need:

1. Nails of the different size (50мм, 60мм, 70мм, 100мм)
2. If you have a hammer, it is desirable to take it with you. A hacksaw, screwdriver, a nail-catcher — too very much will be useful. Certainly, all tools — with return.
And now to steam of words about things which it is necessary to take with you:
1. Clothes for disguise. Dogs very much rejoice, jump to embrace and kiss, therefore the clothes all are spoiled. The variant most simply — to take a dressing gown and to dress him over the clothes.
2. Rubber boots.
3. Gloves
Please come and join us, we will wait for you! Both boys and girls would find a job that they like and can do. After the working week in the office it is very good to be on the fresh air, also the physical excersises are very useful for organizm. It is a kind of working fitness but also with huge help to stray dogs. It is not necessery to be there the whole day, it would be enough to come and to spend couple of active hours.

By the way, fresh air gives you hunger and desire to dring hot tea. So you can bring some food and tea with you as well! We buy some food for the table but delicious food can never be enough of!

See you all tomorrow in the shelter! The animals are waiting for you!

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