Give a house to a dog!

Give a house to a dog — 4

Dear friends! We would like to remind you that tomorrow, 11th of September in the dog shelter in Akademgorodok GIVE A HOME TO A DOG program starts. We would like to invite everybody who is interested to help. The only condition is the skill to work with hummer, saw and the plane. We will build good and cozy kennels! The head of the work is Sergey Nikolaevich Malakhin — the labor teacher 109 school

We are very thankful to everyone who helped us to organize this program: Supermarket «Lerua Marlen», gymnasia 7 for giving us some building materials, girls who will cook for cakes and pies for all our participants, school 109 for the pupils of upper degrees and for the teacher of labor, who will lead our program, to all participants of animal rights defenders organizations, who helped us with some money and building materials, and also to all pet shops, pet clinics, who place our information posters.

If you would like to spend this weekend useful and pleasant, come over to the dog shelter in Akademgorodok. We meet at 8.50 on the entrance of 109 school. The transportation was provided by the depute region number 16 Tarasov Alexandr Valeryevich.

The second day of the program is planned on the 12th of September.

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