The life is going on!
Give a house to a dog!

Tonight the animal shelter in Akademgorodok burned down. Burned down completely! Many animals had died. It is difficult to say the exact number, the half of those animals who lived inside the building, about 50 dogs. The most important is a tamporary stay for those who survived. Those who can take 2-5 dogs. We need the help of people!

Food for temporary stay, for those animals who will stay in open-air cages, as it is not enough places for everybody in temporary stay places, financial help for the medical operations, financial support to the shelter to rebuild it.

BUT! We need to tell about the future of the shelter. It is possible that this news would be a good reason for the government to get rid of one more irritant like animal defenders and the shelter for stray animals. But if the government would, finally, make human, compassion decisions in this question, we will hope that the new modern, well builded shelter would appear thanks to the financial government support. It would be the right, wise and necessery step!

We would like to thank all those who came over today to help Inna and Galina Ilyinichna in the shelter. We would like to thank the vet clinic «Sirius», who gave shelter to 3 dogs!

To ask questions or to help you can contact us 287-26-32 and 8952-925-03-09.

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