The life is going on!

Sincere gratitude!

The shelter in Akademgorodok burned down at night from 23 to 24th of december. The fire sterted at 9.10 pm. Because of various reasons the firemen has arrived at 10.00 pm. The shelter burned down completelly. BUT! The new day comes and we need to stop the panic and start to live further on, and to thank God for the dogs that survived and will live and enjoy the life. Today tens and maybe hundreds of people came over to help, to pay their respect.

At 11.00 am in the sheler, it is better to say on the place where the shelter was, several people started to work. It was nice to see boys and men who came over the first time and brought all the necessery things to the shelter and started to work hard. THANK YOU! The open-air cages were separated, the kennels were brought over from the city shelter, somebody bought new ones, somebody took them from their own dog 🙂

Kilos of burned wood and things — all that was damaged in fire was carried out by boys and girls, women and older people. This is a real people movement! This gives us hope and security, power.

Assorting the blockages, we found our wonderful, kind, playful, happy dogs that had died in the fire. There were those who were looking for home and didnt have time to find it. Those who lived in the shelter all their life and treated it as its own home, those who was always happy to see us, jumped and smiled when we came over. Today there were 18 and yesterday 4. Seeing there positions when they had died they didnt feel anything, maybe they were still asleep, just got poisoned by fumes in 30-40 seconds. Their kind and bright souls are somewhere fire from here.

But even on this dramatic background the happy stories happened. In the news last night people saw their dog that got lost in october, and today they came over to take her back. Basya, Gerda was her name before the shelter, was very happy and the owners too. Nastya was not on time to pick up Zosya from the shelter in one day. And Zosya had died. Nastya took Naida. Also one puppy was taken from the temporary stay. So the life is going on!

Tomorrow, 26 of december, we also need to go to the shelter, there are lots of work to do. One more time! To collect and to store the garbage, to equip the open-air cages. We hope that you will keep the enthusiasm and we will work together again!

What is necessery now? Now — only financial help. All the rest: food, warm things, medicines we have. But the money we would need to restore the shelter and to pay for work. We would like to thank everyone, who brought the donations. And this is thousands of rubles! We would like to apologise that we can not put the names here, but this is hundreds of kind, nice and compassion people! Many of them brought money without the willing to be registered, and at −40 freezing cold and in the middle of ahes and lot of work we could not register everybody. All your donations would go to build new shelter and for needs of animals!

And many thanks to TSPZHD and the main city vet doctor Ludmila Vasilyevna Kobzar. They reacted immediatelly on our request to collect the dog bodied yesterday and today.

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