GIVE A HOUSE TO A DOG-3. Central city shelter

Sincere gratitude!

Our project Give a house to a dog is continued! This time «Animal Liberty» and team of our friends visited a city dog shelter! We was very happy to see «familiar faces» as we already have people who help us with every project.

Upon the arrival, we investigated the plan of works an decided to make several teams: the boys stayed and started to build the kennels. Alexey and Eduard — our constant helpers, they took part in every building projects, shared their expirience with the rest.

Oleg, Alexey and Dmitriy turned to be a perfect pupils, they builded very fast a kennel for one old dog in te shelter. This dog has claustrophobia, so the request was to build a kennel with one open wall. When the new house was ready and put into the open-air cage, dogs organized a queue.

Everybody wanted to live in particular that house. So we made a conclusion that we did well!

The girls took an easy work — to make piece between two male dogs. For that task we took an younger helper Egor. Between the two open-air cages the fence went very low. Therefore, as soon as a small snowdrift will sweep on it the dogs sitting in the next open-air cages, start to run across to each other and aggressively divide territory. To break is easier than to build as we say so we sorted it out very fast: ismantled a grid, the old begun to rot boards and the lop-sided column. Very much a useful occupation! To pull down all old, moreover with force, to dig a shovel — so, all had lots of fun!

Our neighbors rowdies sat quietly on a side and watched with attention on what was happening. We could dig and put a new wooden column and to protect with a desk the open-air cage from the digging so the dogs would not start to share trhe territory again. We needed a male help after to construct a strong and high construction. And all the girls moved after for another task — a building of the tents.

We need to point out that the young generation worked very hard. Egor as all the rest was dogging and puting the grid and broke the old constructions.

Adel was also very active — brought some desks, walked with dogs and hammered in the nails. While we was hammering the roofs for tents the boys made a good strong fence. We needed to hammer two more desks in diagonal on it, it doe not look nice but it is necessery to avoid the runs and unwanted guests.

We made a great team: Lena and Adel transported the desks, Lena and Oxana hammered in the nails, so we made more tents then we needed that day. Those who wanted to work was more than the tools so we needed to go and buy some more hammers!

There was lots of work to do, so after some short lunch break we started with new powers. The boys were finishing the roofs and the girls were making the walls for the kennels to protect dogs from wind.

The first tent is ready but without the back wall yet.

The work went very active and so the nature decided to cool us off and «switched on» the rain. It didnt stop the guys and they finished to put the last pieces of the roof together under the heavy rain.

Everybody was very tired but very happy. The work finished around 19.00. Thanks a lot to everybody who came over and help for your works, and positivity!

Our result for a day: 4 open-air cages were equipped with roofs and back walls, a new fence was built in a new 2 open-air cages and 2 kennels were biult. And we hammered in a full bucket with nails!!!

And here is Zhak smiling under a new roof on a background of a new back wall!

Thanks a lot to those who helped financially, on these money we could rented a truck to deliver the building materials to the shelter and to buy some tools.

And now we need to say about the general sponsor of this project! The construction company «TiM» donated a truck full of wooden materials: 20 logs which can be used as columns, about 400 boards of 4 categories, and also more many various small pieces of wood. Thanks a lot to the general manager Mikhail Alexeevich and Irina Nikolaevna for the support and help to the shelter.

Our plans for the future — rubble is very necessary to a shelter, to cover the floors in open-air cages. Cost of the car of 10 tons of rubble — 5000 rubles. Financial support and physical strength in unloading is very necessary.
And also we will continue to build roofs and kennels. So prepare hammers and join us! The following visit is planned on Saturday of 10/16/2010. We invite all interested people!!!
And the photoreport, as usual, here! And in a material «the Antihelp…» You learn how to help shelters… And how not to help.

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