Alive despite everything!

Drathaar found! We are looking for the owners!
Sincere gratitude!

Last Friday, just in the first day after a shelter has burned down, we were called by two girls and have told about a dog with a terrifying trauma. At a dog the skull has been chopped. He easy went along the street in Severo Chemskoy, approached to people, tried to come into shop, in a house entrance. People pointed a finger, but nobody undertook to help. After long attempts to phone in the different organizations, they left on us. (Especially sensitive the request not to look…)

It has been decided to carry immediately a dog in clinic «Sirius». Evening of Friday, a stopper, a dog with broken skull on all length of a head from ears to a nose — the road took more than one and a half hours. Judging by character of a trauma it a skull have chopped by axe or a shovel — has got in the heat of the moment. A dog it is absolutely adequate, with understanding watched all events, thirsted dialogue.

In needed to imposed three levels of seams — two layers of muscles and a skin. Even skilled doctors were in the shock, some cried — a show not for nervous, and such scandalous picture of cruelty and composure. At one o o'clock in the morning operation has been finished. The first week after operation — the most difficult. The risk of development of an infection is high, besides to a wound has got a lot of blood.

It is necessary to notice that we have quickly raised money for treatment of the Boss — so it named the girls who have shown care and resoluteness. And it even in spite of the fact that all of us have given everything that could on restoration of work of a shelter of Akademgorodok after a fire.
Now the Boss on an overexposure at Anna and Nikolay. The word of honor, in this situation their God has sent to us! By the way, they have two magnificent cats, one of which — Tyler from a shelter of Krasnoobsk. And still a small daughter of Lilja — they with Boss were enraptured from each other! Guys, thanks you!
Boss — obviously domestic dog: perfectly knows the basic commands, gives a paw, goes nearby, perfectly goes in the car and very comfortably feels in apartment. We hold fingers for it!

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