Drathaar found! We are looking for the owners!

Everyone, to shovel the snow!!!
Alive despite everything!

We are searching for a previous or a new owner for a male Drathaar! Couple of weeks ago in Zaeltsovskiy district a dog was found. The dog is 7 years old, rich brown color with a white point on the chest. The temper is very due to a breed: calm, very contacting, fearless. VERY tender and clever dog.

It is obvious that the dog domestic, thats why we need an owners with a flat or a good house. For secutiry this dog is not suitable as this breed Drathaar has another function — to be a great companion and follow its owner for a hunting. It is very good with another animals — dogs and cat, we checked it. More information you can get on the phone 214-11-80 (in a federal format 8913-912-11-80). If you know anything about this dog or about its owners please let us know! Thank you!

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