Everyone, to shovel the snow!!!
Alive despite everything!

Dear pet lovers! Animal defenders, the dogs, cats, cows, rabbits, horses, humsters, lizards, snakes and all those wonderful, amazing creatures owners. The social organization «Animal Liberty» from all our souls would like to wish you a Happy New year!

First, we would like to thank all our pets! They took a function to help us, morally. They are always in a good mood, always make us smile, always ready to say about their love and support us in difficult situations, and who believe in us!… Those, fluffy and sleek-haired, thoroughbred and not purebred, active and to idlers, big and small, in new year of health and there is more than dialogue with favourite owners!

And to you, dear owners, visitors of our site, participants of movement, the colleague and friends, we wish health and prosperity in New year! Mental well-being and finding of the fine light purpose achievement of which will give you pleasure. Let you will have an idea which will inspire you, and you will bear to its world, and the world becomes better, is more light, more kindly, more softly, more friendly!

Love the animals, respect yourselves and the other people, value the things that the nature gives us, take care those who need your help. And let your good actions come back to you with happiness those, who you helped! THANKS for beeing with us!

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