Searching for owners for Boss!

Rex with a terrible exhaustion! We need help!
A dog is found! Searching for the owners!

So, Boss got well after the trauma, and we activelly are searching for the owners for this wonderful dog! He is very good in the new temporary stay place. What we can tell about this kind and nice dog?…

1. it is a great baby sitter! His best friend is a girl of 2 years old. They play, walk and draw together. They even could eat from the same plate if parents would allow.

2. Boss is a great friend for the animals. There are 2 cats in the flat. Boss is sure that he can be friends and play with them. But cats are still scared of its sizes. So so far it is a one way friendship from a dog.

3. We will not speak about the tiolet habbits, of course everything is only outside.

4. It does not follow the dogs. Only by the mood.

5. He found a guardian qualities in Boss. It is very safe dog.

6. It knows the main commands: sit, lay, come here, next to me, stay.

So we are searching for the owners. The requirements for them are the same: meaning only the best ones :). But if to be serious with Boss, except the standart requirements, the one is to remember that whatever happened you can not hit him on a head. Even in paly mode…. so if there are good people for such great dog, here he is!!!

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