One more fleecing action in Russia! Please sign against!

Rex with a terrible exhaustion! We need help!
A dog is found! Searching for the owners!

This time in St.- Peterburg. The cultural capital of our country. The governor of the city Valentina Matvienko, prime-governor Ludmila Kostkina and the head of veterinary department Juriy Andreev signed a petition about the demolition stray animals on the territory minimum of three districts — Krasnoselskiy, Pushkinskiy, Lomonosovskiy — due to prevention of african pigs fever.

This time the government cooperated their opportunities with infringers of all laws, as country and moral. Dog hunters help to the city government out of their sick pleasure. Methods they use — from shooting to horrible mockeries. Today not only stray dogs become a victims of dog hunters, but domestic as well.

From SO «Animal Liberty»: "When a person was called Homo sapiens it was given in advance, far in advance. Now it is not about them, whose lider is a very expirienced politician. It is possible to see this situation from different point of view. First, moral of course. But we do understand the horror and cruelty of this situation, but HOW?? to make THEM understand this, and is it possible?! Second, is the same political aspect.Only several weeks ago we was happy that in Russia, finaly, the law about human attitude towards animals is possible. Where is a logic part of the actions of St.-Peterburgo governor?! Where is the sequency in russian government decisions?! If they do not care about ethic and moral aspects of the question, what about the political image?…

To sign a petition against demolishing of animals in St. Peterburg!

The source Political life of Northen West.

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