Rex with a terrible exhaustion! We need help!

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Several days ago a dog terribly exhausted turned up in a City shelter. It is not a stray dog, no. It is a domestic dog! He had owners and then one more owner, but is is better not to have ones. The owners are heavy alcoholics, who dont care about themselves and about the dog…. Rex is very exhausted, totally: ribs, backbone — everything is visible.

The diagnosis is Gepatomegalia (inflated liver) with suspect of Gepatitus and Ascitus (a liquid in abdominal cavity). So far it is aproximate diagnosis, we are not sure that a dog could be completelly cured. More likely that a dog was forced to drink vodka, it is a very fullish opinion that vodka can cure any illness. But in reality vodka destroys a liver of an animal in hours. Also it was feeded with bad food and this finally destroy the stomack of a dog.

So when a dog was delivered in a clinic Sirius, he started to eat like a crazy!!! But is is very dangerous now.

Rex is a very sociable dog but not very educated. But is is very kind and easy going and very clever. It does not have any expirience in walking on a lead or how to behave in a flat, BUT it learns very fast! It is 4-5 years old. When it will get well it will be very handsome terrier type dog!

No it is on a temporary stay in a clinic Sirius. We ask everyone who like Rex and who can help him, to donate some money for a recovery.

If you are ready to help Rex, you can leave money in clinic Sirius (metro station Studencheskaya, prospect Marxa, 37), in a per shop «33 dogs» (shopping mall Gorskiy, 1st floor), send them on the account in Yandex. Money 41001516662995 or to donate personaly. Than call us 8952-925-03-09.

If you would bring money in the clinic straight you should say that this is for a client of «Animal Liberty» a dog Richy (Rex was registered with this name).

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