The young generation is with us!

Knocked down male Mishka. We need help
A young pretty girl needs help!

We are asking different organizations for help often. To tell the truth, we are getting the refusals or promises. But there are some people who dont refuse but help a lot! And the colledge number 22 «The hope of Siberia» — is one of them! 20 of january twelve pupils of the 11th grade came over in City shelter to help with snow cleaning. This year is very snowy and to clean is a very important thing to do!

The guys are very optimistic and its nice to deal with them. They took shovels with them and got a present for dogs — dog food. They worked very professional. They all was in the shelter the first time. Some of them was shocked, as our shelters — are not what did they see on Animal Planet channel, and they dont get used to a hard work with shovels. But they enjoyed it a lot. It was very cold and our young people dont like warm shoes as its out of fashion.

So the huge snow mountain that stoped people walking was melting, and 2 open-air cages were totally clean from the snow and «pine apples in champagne» so we call the iced products from dogs living. And all this in only 3 hours. And girls were equal to boys and met each kaka with such pleasure, obviously this trip they will remember for long time, and not only them, our dogs was watching everything with curiosity and tried to impress the kids by jumping and running.

And we are sure that this was not the first and not the last trip of this kids, and they will come and help may times becasue the colledge 22 is the constant helper of our organization. We are very thankful to Natalia Leonidovna Vershinina, who organize different actions, dedicated to the problem of stray animals. And these actions have a very practical use: for us it is very important.

Here is a small photo report about this trip. And read how YOU can help to the shelters.

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