Serge, lap dog looking male with a backbone trauma, we are asking for help!

Knocked down male Mishka. We need help
A young pretty girl needs help!

Serge was lying in the box with a sign: «Watch out, there is a dog in here» in the garbage area.

His grey head was not noticable amongst the old clothes.

People, who told us about him, do not know what happened exactly to a dog. They said the keeper (not russian man) brought him, put him in the box and fed him. He looked after the dog, keeping it warm.

First, we brought it in the cinic «Sirius», where they pumped out its urine. Suprisingly, the dog didnt make any noise, but what a concert it made while nails cutting…

The ears was in a bad condition — otitis, cleaned and run some tests.

The dog is approximatelly 10 years old, but very active, has a good appetite. It is a very handsome dog! Average size, grey color (its name came from the color) and lap dog looking.

In the clinic «Best» the x-ray was made and it showed that there are not any breakages, only hematoma and spinal cord jamming. Today he was given some pain killers, anti inflamation medications and put to have lots of rest. We will follow up its health status.

So at the moment we spent:

the check in the clinic — 390

keeping in the clinic for 1 day — 360

x-ray (2 films) — 800

total: 1550 rubles.

We are asking to help us morally and financially.

You can donate some money to the clinic «Sirius», for the client «Animal rights». Also the money could be donated in the shop «33 dogs» (the shopping mall Gorskiy, 1 st floor, str. Nemirovicha-Danchenko 142). Also you can donate it in the personal meeting, call first 8952-925-0309.

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