Knocked down male Mishka. We need help

Bars got well and is waiting for its owner!
Serge, lap dog looking male with a backbone trauma, we are asking for help!

A dog was lying on the Voennay street, got cold, people called and asked for help. They could deliver it to the clinic «Sirius». Its an average dog, about 15 kilos. It had an open wound, it was sewed. It was given pain killers and all the necessary medications.

Yesterday the x-ray was made in TSVK NIITO, which showed that it has a breackage of the 7th bone in the backbone and its lungs have a problem.

It means, that i needs lungs ventilation, and after a very expensive surgery on the backbone (around 10 to 12 thousand roubles). And the forecast that a dog will be able to walk is not guaranteed.

If the surgery would not be made the forecast says that a dog would be an invalid.

Tomorrow Mishka attends tobe in the clinic «Animals» for a final checking. After that is would be clear, does the surgery is needed.

Despite the fact that damages are very bad and there are not many chances that a dog would walk again… when you look into his eyes, you see that a dog wants to live. It eats, tries to stand up, to go to the toilet, tries to clean itself. It is very young, not more than 3 years old.

We are asking for help!

We need to pay his keeping in the clinic «Sirius», прием в клинике «Энималз». Впоследствии очень нужна передержка с медуходом. Передать деньги можно в ВЦ «Сириус» на клиента «Мишка», в зоомагазин «33 собаки» (ТЦ «Горский») или перевести на наш счет или яндекс кошелек.

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