Spring girl Marta! One more victim of hastening people….

Bars got well and is waiting for its owner!
Serge, lap dog looking male with a backbone trauma, we are asking for help!

One cold evening Marta got hit by the car, it lay on the ground and did not hope for miracle. In pain and shocked it could not move.

The person who saved its life was Andrey — the taxi driver who just passed by. It is one of some ocasions when a man took part in the destiny of stray animals. Thanks a lot to a bravery of Andrey! Very often people would like to help, but they got scared by uncertainty: they just do not know where to go, what to do with injured dog…

We decided to keep Marta for a night and in the morning Andrey transported it to the hospital to make x-rays scan. Marta was very lucky, from all the injuries — only the crack in the jaw, which does not need to be be operated.

Now Marta lives in the temporary family, feels great and is waiting for the owners!

Here are the words of temporary owner Marina about Marta:

"Its a young mix, very positive, easy-going, good with another dogs, cats, loves kids and people. Its about 4 months old, its 40 cm high, has a guardian features. Its clean and trained to behave on the street. Its looking for the most caring and loving owners!¨

If you have any questions, please call Marina on 8-913-948-33-73

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