Bars got well and is waiting for its owner!

A dog with a bullet wound! The dog died
Spring girl Marta! One more victim of hastening people….

Bars got well after the poisoning and now is in the temporary outside stay in Nizhnya Eltsovka. The girl, who it lives now with, say the following about the dog:

«Its very friendly,wags the tail. I am vey happy with it, no problem at all so far. It does not howls and barks at night. We have walks without the lead. Comes closer and lets to fix itself to it.It got well. Bars is a healthy and handsome dog. We tried to make photos of it, but it is impossible as it moves all the time».

There are the photos.

These are not show all the beauty and strenths of it, but its calmness and intelligence! Bars is waiting for the owners, it would be a great friend!

If you have any questions please call 8913-007-3492 Natasha

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