A dog with a bullet wound! The dog died

Serzhik is getting better, and he needs owner!!!
Bars got well and is waiting for its owner!

Yes. Son passed away today around six o´clock afternoon. X-ray showed lots of ijuries all over its body: stomack, lungs, throat, eyes. It was too much. We would decide about a notification to the police. On our bank account the donation 2900 rubles has arrived, from these money we can cover our bill in clinic Sirius 1700 rubles and in TSVK 1050 rubles. If you would like to help our organization and our animals we would be happy for any help. Thanks for your support! And the story about wonderful dog Son, who became the victim of people´s madness, we would like to put here.

This took place on the 24th of March. An young dog with heavy injuries was found in the district of GPNTB. The dog was found by kids. It was on the ground, and was fighting to breathe. It was vomiting and it was obvious that a dog is in very heavy state, and more likely it dies. We thought that it was hit by the car. The father of one of the girls, who found the dog, called us.

Alexander acted very active to help the dog: transported it to the vet clinic, told us the story about what happened. Son — how the kids named the dog, lives in the district of GPNTB about 2 years. Kids loved it, adults also got used to a nice, calm, loving and clever dog. First, it was obvious that it is a domestic dog — it was abandonded or lost. There are many such dogs in Octyabrskiy district — the majority of those who became waste — it becomes a normal situation.

One year ago the dog was found with a bullet shot. The surgery was made. Son got well.

And yesterday it happened again! The shot in a head, little hole in the temple area. The brain concussion, vomiting were caused by that. Now Son is in the clinic Sirius in a very critical state. So far we have a hope that it will get better, we need help! We need people who can help with transportation in case of necessary transportation to another clinic and also we need a financial support!

Here are the information: it is not the first dog who was found with a bullet shot in the GPNTB area, the shot is very well-aimed, for sure. Now we are trying to identify the owner of the gun by the bullet, that needed to be extracted from the dog´s head.

On the 25th of March Son past away.

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